zis offers you

A grant of 600 Euro for a very unique study trip to a foreign country. If you live outside Germany, the travel destination of your zis-journey needs to be one of the German-speaking countries: Austria OR Switzerland OR Germany.

You will travel alone and you get the chance to research a topic of your own choice.
Your project is split into three parts.


After applying with a travel concept you will not be admitted onto the programme straight away. Instead you will get a tutor who will support you during the preparation phase. If your tutor is satisfied with your proposed project, you will be accepted onto the zis programme.

on the roadOn the road

Now, you are on your own. You need to organize your budget and the time available for the stages of your journey. Your research topic will be the key for getting to know the country and its inhabitants. It will ensure that you really get immersed in your journey.
While travelling alone a zis-journey will confront you with your own personality – take this opportunity, be curious and enjoy your freedom. In order to document your zis-journey for yourself and for the zis-Foundation you will write a diary on a daily basis.


Your project is not finished yet. After three months of time you need to hand in a travel report and your diary. The writing and designing of these pieces will give you a chance to reflect on all your impressions and experiences. Of course your tutor is still the contact person for any questions you may have.