General Conditions

You need to be between 16 and 20 years. It doesn't matter whether you're at school, at university or whether you serve an apprenticeship.

If you live outside Germany, the travel destination of your zis-journey needs to be one of the German-speaking countries: Austria OR Switzerland OR Germany.

Travelling alone

zis journeys are undertaken alone.Travelling unaccompanied gives you the chance to especially open yourself for the journey and the people you meet. Furthermore it makes you more flexible and, last but not least ,it also confronts you with your own personality. You will learn a lot about yourself and you will understand the difference between loneliness and being alone.

Travelling without flying

zis journeys are paid with the grant alone.Approaching your destination slowly allows you to prepare yourself for the different culture and also for the different occupation you will have during the month researching your project.

Travelling for at least four weeks

zis journeys are undertaken without plane.Looking below the surface requires time. Research can only be successful if you spend enough time with your hosts and if you can get completely immersed in your topic.

Spending not more than the grant

zis journeys last four weeks at least.Money is scarce on a zis-journey as the grant is supposed to cover everything, including the journey itself. This is part of the zis-concept: it challenges the travellers to improvise, make compromises and act responsibly. Often it is also the reason for approaching residents and making new contacts.

Handing in diary and report

zis participants hand in a study report, a diary and a statement.One of the reasons why you need to hand in a diary is that zis wants the journey to be comprehensible. But the diary and also the report are much more important for another reason. Seeing a lot is one thing. Thinking about it, understanding it, is another. For zis it is important that you finish your experience not without reflection. To ensure a thorough study of your adventures we set a minimum of 20 written pages for the report and diary that is written on a daily basis during the journey. Don't hesitate to be creative while putting your papers together, it will make your work more worthwhile for you and for zis.